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Bolivar Cigars for sale

Bolivar Cigars for sale. The last time (the only time? I think so!) we featured any cigar with the Bolivar name on Leaf Enthusiast was way back in 2015 as part of a preview of recent releases from the IPCPR trade show. 2015 was the year that General Cigar’s Foundry division took on a couple classic names. The Ramon Allones and Bolivar releases that year were solid, but the packaging was ill-conceived (at best) and the Foundry line itself did not make a lasting impact. The Ramon Allones name subsequently got licensed out to A.J. Fernandez, which produced a very nice, but somewhat expensive, cigar. Now the Bolivar name has resurfaced as part of the Forged Cigar Company catalog.

As a refresher, Scandinavian Tobacco Group decided to split the General Cigar catalog into somewhat equal parts, with General getting Macanudo, Cohiba, Punch, and CAO (among others) while Forged got La Gloria Cubana, Partagas, Diesel, and Bolivar (and a few others, as well).

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The official name for this cigar is Bolivar Cofradia. Just a hint of a history lesson for those who don’t know…Simón Bolivar was a 19th century leader who spearheaded the movement of South American countries to be free from the Spanish Empire. “Cofradia” is Spanish for “brotherhood.” If you want the whole story.

With no company website yet (if anyone from Forged is reading this…I know someone…call me!), the best I can do for blend makeup is from sites selling the cigar. The best guess and consensus is…made in Honduras using Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, a Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.

I’ve smoked about 4 of these before this review sample. I bought them all at Burns Tobacconist in Chattanooga. If your local shop doesn’t carry them, you can get them at our sponsor, Small Batch Cigar.


The Bolivar Cofradia has a very classic look, from the plain wooden cabinet box to the simple band featuring the face of Simón Bolivar. It is not identical to the Cuban version, but it is similar enough that those familiar with the Cuban release would stop and look twice at this one the first time they see it in an American humidor. The die-cut shape of the band, the gold foil coins and trim, the gold/orange background to the center of the band with Bolivar’s face in it…even the red and white stripes on the arms of the band as they meet in the back. Like I said, not identical, but very similar.

The wrapper leaf was a medium-brown color similar to a milk chocolate and it had a decent amount of oiliness to it. It was all ripe earthiness and sharp woodiness in terms of aroma, while the foot had a more mellow mix of earth and coffee bean and cocoa powder.

The cold draw was very good with flavors of tea, earth, and cedar.


I fired up the Bolivar Cofradia and immediately got heavy earthiness, bell pepper, cedar, and a mild chocolate sweetness. On the finish I got a spicier pepper burn. The retrohale had tea and red pepper flake. As the first third burned along there was a slight increase in the sweetness, which was really nice.

The second third was semisweet chocolate, backed by earth and black pepper. Notes of cedar had diminished quite a bit, although there was still a touch of vegetal bell pepper in there.

The last third off the Bolivar Cofradia had an increase in earthiness while the sweetness backed off quite a bit. There was a touch of espresso bean in the mix and some black pepper holding on.


The Bolivar Cofradia is a very good addition to the Forged Cigar Company catalog. While it’s not the most original blend—smoking very much like a cross between a Punch and a La Gloria Cubana—it was very good from end to end…and the price is great. It fits the bill for a medium-to-full bodied cigar with a good amount of complexity for a bargain price tag.

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